About Us

Hive Studio is a small group of passionate and skilled photographers and filmmakers who enjoy the challenge of forging strong bonds with their customers and enjoy seeing them satisfied with the highest caliber of work. Based in Kolkata, Hive Studio is the best photo studio for product photography , fashion photography in Kolkata was founded by Argha Sikder, aims to be a one-stop shop for professional and social photographic services. Our specialties include branding, cataloguing, advertising commercials, e-commerce, industrial, product, and food photography.

What 'Hive Studios' Does?

We capture your product and the story of your business journey with very handpicked elements, efforts of love and render it in the most sophisticated way as illustrious & a contemporary cinematic record. The photographs and videos are edited diligently to provide you the best-in class experience and an everlasting esteemed testimony of your special brand. If you are looking for the best corporate photographers in Kolkata or best event photographers in Kolkata , you can try out Hive studio. As we are passionate about image making and storytelling, we enjoy recording the most important building block of your business i.e. the product you sell in the most enlightened way and that passion reflects in our narration of your image. .

What We believe in?

To say the least, we believe in capturing your unique product images, so that they can make an unique impact on your customers! No matter whether it’s your e-commerce, or brand campaign – we’ll ensure that every image is perfectly captured and framed. We being the best photo studio in Kolkata, know the value of great images and our aim is to encapsulate your beautiful products & brand image – after all, each photograph captured by us will tell your story to everyone out there, looking at it. Believe in us, and we’ll offer you the best frames that you perhaps have never imagined!