Hive Studios is an exclusive team of candid photographers & cinematographers, who find a sense of accomplishment in building trust and robust relationships with their clients and crave to see them happily contended with the best quality of work. Founded by Argha Sikder, and based out of Kolkata, the aim is to spread happiness through the captures and creating timeless memories. To document the experience, the relationship of friends, families, and the couple starting a new era of their life is an incredible feeling. We love to travel with our clients on their journey of happy days and make our best efforts to deliver as per our promise. Indian weddings are larger-than-life celebrations and are rather colorful and wild. We know that your wedding day is the most special day of your life. It is a lifetime event that marks an important milestone in your life and is filled with a plethora of emotions, rituals, traditions and happy moments. And it’s just not about the wedding – but we strive to make everything around it memorable as well! We provide services including Pre & Post Wedding Shoots, combine the best photographs in an album, and much more.


What Hive Studio does ?

We document your wedding story with very handpicked elements, moments of love and render it in the most sophisticated way as illustrious & a contemporary cinematic record. The photographs and videos are edited diligently to provide you the best-in class experience and an everlasting esteemed testimony of your special story. As we are passionate about image making and storytelling, we enjoy recording the most important day of your life in the most enlightened way and that passion reflects in our narration of your wedding tale.

Editorial Portraits
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Fashion Portraits
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Brand Photography
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Professional Photography Studio

We also rent our studio space to Photographer’s as per there requirement.

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